Thursday, November 25, 2010

Meanwhile, on my off time

Starting a sketch blog here:   <<Steven's Sketching Gallerium>>

Friday, November 05, 2010

Ghost of Sparta Concept Dump

Dumping some images to prove that I wasn't dead or sent back to Taiwan.

This is the first game I worked from start to finish, it's my baby.
Gratz to everyone who worked on this project.
Thanks to everyone on the concept team. Justin, Joshua, Tobie, Joe.
Cheers for the ideas that flied and grounded.

Ghost of Sparta took me most of my time for the past 18 month, it was a big learning curve for me since Carlo de Chainsaw left us early that most of my time went trying to figure out what not to do during game productions. It also took me quite a while adapting how to think/design in God of War Style. Overall, I like many of my works for this game and also hate equivalent amount of them. It's really fun to make many types of art for one game from UI, logo, cinematic storyboards, color keys, props, environment concept to occasional character concepts. At the later half of production I started doing environment and dynamic lighting, nice experience, but surely it was little stressful jumping between two tracks. It's a nice catching-up to the old days when I tried to be a 3D artist. I noticed that I still love 3D, just not as much as painting.

To the friends from school that I bailed from: I'm still trying to learn, just in different fashion. :)

So here are some stuff that I don't hate that much.

(bandwidth warning)

The concepts are posted as in-game appearance order, so you guys might found mixed styles here and there, but overall I think I improved at the end of production.

I really hope that I can post many other interesting stuff that we worked on.

I need to start doing stuff other than working and playing Minecraft, maybe I should start working on that comic book idea that I had since last century.
And I hope my next posting won't be two years later.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

In This Thread: Break!

Alright the break is started, for me. I'll post everything under this post.
Uppers are newer updates, older stuff are down below.

No new pics? Most of the new stuff I have at this moment are for works....and I lost my bloody Wacom pen.
Am I giving myself an excuse to buy a Cintiq? I tried one at the office and it was soooooooooo good.

<= woot 10000 hits (04/29/2008)

They are making a Ghost in the Shell live-action movie....

Damn I want to work in that film so bad, that's one of my biggest dream since I read the manga when I was in elementary school.
But all I can do now is doing a quick painting and putting a random logo on it....

For some reason I want to draw hot chicks with big guns, just like other Art Center Entertainment Design students.

W00t! More coming up!?

(random hip-hop background music)

Most of time I was looking at reference photos....
The pose for the middle one was jacked from Hong Ly's collection.